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One fine Thrusday morning I wake up to see pictures of Coffee Tea & Company burned and toasted…and for some reason it made me so so so sad 😦 I know they’re going to rebuild it before we can say ‘coffee’ πŸ˜› BUT for one whole hour it made me so sad just thinking that it has all burnt down.

It is definitely one of the MOST favorite places for all Lahoris. I have so many memories with that place, because I’ve been going there from when it was a tiny coffee shop with 3 table and a few chairs but the most amazing cookies.


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Hot out of the oven

Hot out of the oven

Cherry Tarts!

I made these for Eid ul Fitr 2012

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I haven’t tried this yet. But I know I will! It looks great and Cafe Upstairs is always, always SO good and cheaper than the rest, with a great ambiance and great view, not to mention AMAZING music!

I’ll write a review on it soon inshAllah!

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SO, I’m not much of a coffee critique because my coffee taste-buds are definitely desi. I can not stand black coffee, or coffee with no sugar. I don’t like strong coffee and I wont be offended if you hate me for it. I’m a Lahori, grown up drinking doodh-patti, what do you expect?

So back to Gloria Jeans! I remember doing an article on it back in 2009, when it had JUST opened up and we, at ValueMag had also JUST started publishing. In fact, if I remember correctly it was published in the first edition of valuemag. You can read the article here if you wish to πŸ™‚

You know, I like Gloria Jeans just as much as I dislike it. Love-Hate relationship.

I love it because it is loveable! The coffee is just perfect, at least for the Lahori taste-buds which means it is Creamy, frothy and has at least a thousand calories in one cup πŸ˜‰ I also love the cozy environment and if you don’t feel like staying indoors, you can sit outside or on the rooftop. That’s the kind of options I want every coffee place to be like-indoors, outdoors and a rooftop πŸ˜€

I like the Very Vanilla Latte -it’s light, creamy and has just the right amount of vanilla. I only have it when I’m in the mood to have something with a sweet and light coffee flavor.

I stole this picture from Gloria Jean's website :D and it does look like this, they are not cheating :)

I stole this picture from Gloria Jean’s website πŸ˜€ and it does look like this, they are not cheating πŸ™‚

Next on my list is : Caramalette

Caramaley, carmallay, caramella

Ok, this coffee again is really good as far as flavored coffees go. It’s not as light as the Very Vanilla, but obviously sweet with the caramel syrup added to it. Like all of Gloria’s lattes, it is smooth and frothy and delicious. I’d give it 3 stars out of 5, i’ve had it so many times that’s it bored me. Maybe?

Sufi & Coffee ;)

Sufi & Coffee 

    This is ShahZaman Baloch 

A friend, who after spending a lot of time in Italy and also making coffee there knows a lot about coffee and it’s chemistry. So, obviously what better place to treat him than Gloria and obviously get some education on coffee πŸ˜€ It was from him that I learnt what ‘Picolo Latte’ means. It means ‘Small Latte’…lol easy! Should have guessed it myself! Here, he is contemplating on life and mysticism with a Cappucino -which according to the expert himself is really good!! Do try it those who like slightly stronger versions of coffee. I don’t. I like latte with whipped cream on top…sorry guys!

My FAVORITE however (these days) is the Iced Cappucino! It is SO good! Heavenly! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And…here comes the reason why I dislike Gloria: 435 Rs for a regular cup of iced coffee. WHAT!?! Didn’t even get it topped with whipped cream. =( I asked the guy to blend the ice in the coffee , because I don’t like ice cubes floating in my iced coffee.

How they like to serve it with ice cubes

How they like to serve it with ice cubes

how i like it. With crushed ice. Sorry about the bad picture!

how i like it. With crushed ice. Sorry about the bad picture!

My beautiful friend Seemal who treated me to this, THANK YOU :))!

I have also heard that ‘Voltage’ is an AMAZING cold coffee/beverage here. Never tried it. But if you have, comment and enlighten me πŸ™‚

Do NOT have the Cookies n Cream, it’s always horrible.

Serious tip: Always, Always get your beverages (coffee & choclate ones, not chai) topped with whipped cream.

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Sunday mornings at my place in Faisal Town! Made breakfast with my brother, Hamza today. He fried a chicken patty for himself and prepared an amazing sandwich to go with it.
Let me tell you that I am a FAN of bread! I lovvve it so much, i can have plain bread with tea/coffee. A childhood love affair. In Libya, we used to get freshly baked French Bread right out of the oven: hot and used to smelled heavenly! Sigh!
Anyways, so he spread some BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, slice of cheese, tomato and the crisp chicken patty.
I made a simple Nutella sandwich for myself and two mugs of cappuccino for me n hamza… πŸ™‚ poured the cappucino into our Starbucks mugs, makes it taste better hehe! Heres a picture of our breakfast, which we were going to have outside and soak in some Vitamin D :p before the flies attacked us 😦


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On a random day out, after our Quran class me and a close friend Azqa found ourselves lunching at Maisonette. Even though I’ve been here many times, i never grow tired of it πŸ™‚
It has a good view of Gulberg, and since winters is upon us, Maisonette is a favorite choice because of its open air, roof top seating area. I absolutely love the BBQ here, and the BBQ mix platter is a definite order if you’re going for the first or the umpteenth time πŸ™‚
Slightly cool, slightly warm breeze. Cloudy and sunny, today was a good day for Maisonette.
Not in the mood for BBQ, I ordered the Nauratan Triple Decker


While Azqa ordered the Pomodoro Pasta.


I liked my meal. I mean it was OK then, but now that I think about it, it wasn’t all that! It was well made, but I think its just me and i’m not made for a burger made with two three different meats. The chef had done a good job, but its just not my style even though i did enjoy it at that moment… Hehe

Azqa loved her pasta, but she was upset that the serving was way too small! And it was. Really, they should work on their pasta serving size.
The cappucino i ordered was just right though. Perfectly creamy and slightly strong!
HotSpot has opened up in Maisonette!!!! YAYYYY!!! Which means I can have waffles, ice-cream, supersonic superfudge, Squidgy Cake Slice and and andddd all the yummy things on HotSpots menu :)))

This is Choclate KitKat and Choclate SuperFudge scoops πŸ™‚



This great restaurant is on Ghalib Road, Lahore. It’s close to Gino’s Pizza and Masum’s Coffee place.

If you don’t know where any of this is...here is a map to help you out πŸ™‚

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If there is an ecstasy that can get you high, it’s Opium Thai. Just off the MM Alam Road, which by the way has become way too bumpy for my liking, is the Thai sensation that I have been addicted to since a year. I fell in love with Thai the minute I read ‘Get High on Opium Thai’ – sounds like an invite for a daring plunge but then again, we all love a little controversy here and little dirty secrets there, don’t we? πŸ˜‰

Bet me, the name is actually just perfect and you’ll know why when you drop by for a mouth-watering Thai experience! It gets you hooked onto the Thai flavor, and does justice to the cuisine by carefully combining all the right ingredients.

My friends and I dropped by the other day for lunch. Voila! B1G1 Free! Yes, we were a chorus of eight high on ecstasy, and paid for four only. The main course offers Buy 1 Get 1 free, and the best thing is that Opium Thai serves food in traditional Ala Carte style, that as fast food meaning single serving.

Gluttony is a major weakness for almost every self-respecting Lahori. Though, I’m not that big on ordering starters or appetizers, because it leaves just a little less space for the main course, B1G1 is treat for an opportunist. Little Miss Greedy tempted us to take the plunge. Prawn Tempuras was top on my list. I hadn’t had prawn tempuras since Shun Bar shut down. These Prawn Tempuras were as good as the ones I tried in Phuket. Ah Phuket! That was almost year and a half ago when we stopped at Phuket while on a cruise trip in Far East. The aroma of fresh cooked sea-food brought to my mind the scrumptious sea-food memories as the ocean liner sailed on the clam sea. Yum Goong Salad, Stir Fry Prawns in Coconut Sauce and Thai Fish Curry with Basil and Coriander, of course rice as a side-order made my day.

The Prawns and Salad were just the right choice for my friend who cannot handle too much spice. Anyways, I’m getting impatient with the details and I HAVE to jump on to tell you how much I LOVED the Prawn Tempuras.

Prawn Tempuras are love at first sight; the aroma and taste! Just the right amount of crisp, the batter had beautifully fluffed around the prawn. You have to see it to believe it! The Prawn Tempuras were juicy and tender when you bit into them and perfectly fried-crispy from the outside. Of course, not to forget the divine Thai Chili sauce with it! I’ve been dying to have this sauce ever since I tried it in Thailand, and here it was in front of me to savor. I was in seven heavens! Absolutely delighted with the way the meal started.

Opium Thai was actually made me high on the food, the aura and ambiance and everything in between. We had nearly almost forgotten the salad because of the excitement of the prawns. The main course also arrived shortly after we devoured the prawns. The salad was good too. It’s must try. The herbs has a way of filling the stomach lightly, yet made you hungrier for the main course. The crispy Prawns in the Honey Chili sauce along with my favorite greens was just perfect. I have always loved the combination of Honey-Chilli, and Opium Thai got the balance just right. Trust me, it’s a difficult one because I have tried making it at home and it’s always either too sweet or too chili!

The combination of a Stir Fry and a Curry is a favorite in Lahore, and somehow has stuck with me as well. The serving is perfect, not too much and not too stingy with the helpings, Opium Thai had it just right for us. Even though I would have loved to try the spicy dishes, which I will next time, we had to make do with the mild spicy ones and Lo and behold, do I have something to write home about? More than just something! Both the dishes were gorgeously displayed and cooked with the love for food that only an excellent chef can have! As you can see, we took the opportunity to try sea-food because Opium Thai is the most authentic Thai cuisine in town with a huge array of Japanese and Chinese on board.

Opium Thai

Try Opium Thai if you haven’t and let me know what you think. Which dishes should I try next and which I shouldn’t?

Get High With Opium Thai

Don’t be Shy, Give it a Try…..

I’m a really bad poet…but I just discovered the secret ingredient lies with MASTER OPIUM!

Ok, Bye!

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