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Sunday mornings at my place in Faisal Town! Made breakfast with my brother, Hamza today. He fried a chicken patty for himself and prepared an amazing sandwich to go with it.
Let me tell you that I am a FAN of bread! I lovvve it so much, i can have plain bread with tea/coffee. A childhood love affair. In Libya, we used to get freshly baked French Bread right out of the oven: hot and used to smelled heavenly! Sigh!
Anyways, so he spread some BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, slice of cheese, tomato and the crisp chicken patty.
I made a simple Nutella sandwich for myself and two mugs of cappuccino for me n hamza… 🙂 poured the cappucino into our Starbucks mugs, makes it taste better hehe! Heres a picture of our breakfast, which we were going to have outside and soak in some Vitamin D :p before the flies attacked us 😦



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