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Well, im in london for a looong vacation 🙂 and will be updating the world on the amazing food I have here. Its a beautiful city! And im in love with it! Will also update on how I have managed to become a good, if not great, cook 😉


The weather is weiiiird though! It snowed in the middle of MARCH! And its always raining -_-
BUT, im not complaining 🙂 alhamdulilah, its a wonderful place and LIFE IS GOOOD people!
Having a great time with Saad, who ive met after six months 🙂


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I haven’t tried this yet. But I know I will! It looks great and Cafe Upstairs is always, always SO good and cheaper than the rest, with a great ambiance and great view, not to mention AMAZING music!

I’ll write a review on it soon inshAllah!

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SO, I’m not much of a coffee critique because my coffee taste-buds are definitely desi. I can not stand black coffee, or coffee with no sugar. I don’t like strong coffee and I wont be offended if you hate me for it. I’m a Lahori, grown up drinking doodh-patti, what do you expect?

So back to Gloria Jeans! I remember doing an article on it back in 2009, when it had JUST opened up and we, at ValueMag had also JUST started publishing. In fact, if I remember correctly it was published in the first edition of valuemag. You can read the article here if you wish to 🙂

You know, I like Gloria Jeans just as much as I dislike it. Love-Hate relationship.

I love it because it is loveable! The coffee is just perfect, at least for the Lahori taste-buds which means it is Creamy, frothy and has at least a thousand calories in one cup 😉 I also love the cozy environment and if you don’t feel like staying indoors, you can sit outside or on the rooftop. That’s the kind of options I want every coffee place to be like-indoors, outdoors and a rooftop 😀

I like the Very Vanilla Latte -it’s light, creamy and has just the right amount of vanilla. I only have it when I’m in the mood to have something with a sweet and light coffee flavor.

I stole this picture from Gloria Jean's website :D and it does look like this, they are not cheating :)

I stole this picture from Gloria Jean’s website 😀 and it does look like this, they are not cheating 🙂

Next on my list is : Caramalette

Caramaley, carmallay, caramella

Ok, this coffee again is really good as far as flavored coffees go. It’s not as light as the Very Vanilla, but obviously sweet with the caramel syrup added to it. Like all of Gloria’s lattes, it is smooth and frothy and delicious. I’d give it 3 stars out of 5, i’ve had it so many times that’s it bored me. Maybe?

Sufi & Coffee ;)

Sufi & Coffee 

    This is ShahZaman Baloch 

A friend, who after spending a lot of time in Italy and also making coffee there knows a lot about coffee and it’s chemistry. So, obviously what better place to treat him than Gloria and obviously get some education on coffee 😀 It was from him that I learnt what ‘Picolo Latte’ means. It means ‘Small Latte’…lol easy! Should have guessed it myself! Here, he is contemplating on life and mysticism with a Cappucino -which according to the expert himself is really good!! Do try it those who like slightly stronger versions of coffee. I don’t. I like latte with whipped cream on top…sorry guys!

My FAVORITE however (these days) is the Iced Cappucino! It is SO good! Heavenly! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And…here comes the reason why I dislike Gloria: 435 Rs for a regular cup of iced coffee. WHAT!?! Didn’t even get it topped with whipped cream. =( I asked the guy to blend the ice in the coffee , because I don’t like ice cubes floating in my iced coffee.

How they like to serve it with ice cubes

How they like to serve it with ice cubes

how i like it. With crushed ice. Sorry about the bad picture!

how i like it. With crushed ice. Sorry about the bad picture!

My beautiful friend Seemal who treated me to this, THANK YOU :))!

I have also heard that ‘Voltage’ is an AMAZING cold coffee/beverage here. Never tried it. But if you have, comment and enlighten me 🙂

Do NOT have the Cookies n Cream, it’s always horrible.

Serious tip: Always, Always get your beverages (coffee & choclate ones, not chai) topped with whipped cream.

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Sunday mornings at my place in Faisal Town! Made breakfast with my brother, Hamza today. He fried a chicken patty for himself and prepared an amazing sandwich to go with it.
Let me tell you that I am a FAN of bread! I lovvve it so much, i can have plain bread with tea/coffee. A childhood love affair. In Libya, we used to get freshly baked French Bread right out of the oven: hot and used to smelled heavenly! Sigh!
Anyways, so he spread some BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, slice of cheese, tomato and the crisp chicken patty.
I made a simple Nutella sandwich for myself and two mugs of cappuccino for me n hamza… 🙂 poured the cappucino into our Starbucks mugs, makes it taste better hehe! Heres a picture of our breakfast, which we were going to have outside and soak in some Vitamin D :p before the flies attacked us 😦


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