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One should always write food blogs when one is hungry. Or not.

I am going to be reviewing this amazing, life-saver, LARGE, delicious shawerma that Saad treated me to while we were out doing touristy stuff in London. If you live in a country that does not serve halal food everywhere, it can be quite a treat to find good halal food. So, as far as halal food and genuine middle-eastern food goes, ‘Lebanese Garden’ is WOW!

In £ 3.50, you can get a 9 inch (approx.) shawerma FILLED with grilled shredded chicken and veggies! You can choose from a variety of crisp, fresh veggies (lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot etc). You can have a lamb shawerma, a chicken shawerma or a little bit of both too if you want. I, personally liked the chicken one better and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone going there.


This shawerma is one of the BEST i have ever had because:

1) The chicken is marinated perfectly

2) Parsley! They don’t put parsley in Pakistan and that is the real thing guys. That is how you make genuine middle-eastern food. It adds this amazing herby, tangy flavor to the whole sandwich and makes it truly Lebanese.

3) the SIZE. Needless to say, of course. This beats all the ‘waqayi bara shawermas’ in Lahore 😉 because people THIS is the waqayi bara shawerma 😀 Ok I agree about the price bit, Lahori shawermas range from 25 rupees to 500 (at CTC, ridiculous!). But for London, this is an amazing price, because I got it packed and had it for dinner too :D.


One thing that I did miss in this shawerma was the chilli sauces and the white sauce that our desi shawerma walas put. Hmm, and well its not a fancy restaurant, it’s more like a take-away with five or six tables and chairs.

That said, I will definitely be going back to this place again and trying out the rest of the stuff on their menu. If you are in London and looking for good halal shawerma or Lebanese food, this is THE place to go to.

Oh, and the owner is really friendly!! He made us feel at home, chatting up with us and ALSO served us with a really delicious complimentary Lebanese Mint Tea with Cinammon Stick in it (if you want to have Moroccan Mint Tea in Lahore, go here). Relaxing after a long day and warm too because you always need something warm in London!


Lebanese Garden

243 Kentish Town Road, Kentish Town

London, NW5 2JT


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